Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sportin' Daddy's Hat

These were just too precious not to share... but then, I guess I'm a little biased. :-)

Clara really enjoys trying on hats, Mommy and Daddy's shoes, various things she can drape around herself, etc.

Gotta love that little girl!


Sarah Thrower said...

I have enjoyed your blog and have stopped in a few times to see how y'all are doing. Clara is adorable! What a little cutie. I am glad you are doing well. You have inspired me to start a blog myeslf; I will send you the address when I get it up. God Bless,
Sarah Thrower

Stephen and Gracie said...

Hi Sarah!!!

I've been wondering how you and your family! How great to hear from you! I'll really look forward to seeing your blog! Yay!

God bless you too!!