Thursday, July 9, 2009

Part 3 Of "The Beautiful Birthday Present"

Ok, I'm finally back with part three. I promise, I will try not to stretch pictures from this trip over the next month! If ya haven't seen parts one and two, you can just scroll down and get caught up.

Well, the evening of our mini vacation, we took a little stroll down to the pond on the grounds of the Mayhurst Inn. Clara really enjoyed the excursion. I thought as we walked down the sloping pathway that she would pick up speed and have a bad wipe out, but she did incredibly well. She was so funny to watch!

"Let's wait to go swimming in your little pool at home!"

We got such a kick out of watching our little one try to walk back up the hill!

After hanging in our room some more and then getting ready we went out to the lovely back porch, where the owner/hosts were serving drinks and snacks to the guests. They were so hospitable as the gentleman served us and the lady sat and chatted about whatever... including history of the place, local sights, etc. We met quite a few other guests as well. This pic. was taken the next morning out on the porch, which was not originally like this. It was extended out recently.

After our social time we headed out to our supper, which was another incredible treat!!! Stephen treated me to an incredible French dinner! Wow! It was so delicious and I got so spoiled! And Clara chose to behave herself very nicely, for most of the time. She enjoyed getting to TRY to use a fork. It was rather humorous to watch her sit there holding a piece of food in one hand and trying to stab it with the fork she held in the other hand! :-)

After coming home and putting our little one down, Stephen and I enjoyed a nice, quiet time out on the veranda, chatting and laughing.

And that wraps up my account of the first day of the Beautiful Birthday Present. Come back soon for more!

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