Thursday, July 9, 2009

Part 4 of "The Beautiful Birthday Present"

Various pictures from around the B and B. I know, I took too many!!! And believe me there are more, but I'm going to spare you from going through all of them. One more post, mostly having to do with our excursions to various battlefields, should about wrap up this account of this special trip! I know, it's stretched on too long already! I'll try to finish REALLY soon and get on to other stuff.

Besides the three generals that I mentioned in a previous post being guests in this home during the war, Mrs. A.P. Hill was also a guest and during the winter she stayed here, one of her children was born. The christening was held in this very parlor and Robert E. Lee, the baby's god-father held her the whole time. I thought this portrait was precious. The re-enactment was more humorous than precious. :-)

Signature on the wall.... The current owners did extensive research trying to trace this name, figuring it was that of a soldier. Finally the dots were connected and they discovered that it was probably that of the young daughter of the family that occupied the house in the 1880s! :-)

There are some initials and names etched into the windows of the little viewing room at the very top of this house. The current owners managed to trace the name "Thomas Rogers" to a corporal serving under A.P. Hill.

The awesome spiral staircase!

The next morning we enjoyed a LOVELY breakfast down in the dining room. We actually sat at one of the larger tables and enjoyed chatting more with some of the other guests. Clara turned up her nose at fresh berries and apple sauce but enjoyed the sausage and french toast! :-)

The Library

Loving the stairs!

Clara on bed in our room... check out the cute look!

Cool! Built into wall.

Funny expression has to do with making an "ARRRR" at the request of my hubby. :-)

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Thank you. Both fun photos and interesting facts!