Monday, July 27, 2009

The New Addition

No, not another baby. Sorry to those of you who were getting all happy. :-) It's a wheat grinder.

We've been learning / being reminded lately about the health benefits of freshly ground wheat. Yes, store bought whole wheat flour is much better for you then white, as I understand it, because of the fiber and protein in it. However, there are other nutrients in the wheat that start oxidizing as soon as it is ground and you can have lost as much as 90% of those nutrients 72 hours after it's been ground! So wanting to make a good healthy change, and both really liking home made bread as well as wanting to buy more bulk food and be able process it, we decided to grab a grinder.

Also, in a desire to become less dependent on electricity we opted to get a hand crank model. And so, here we are a couple weeks ago, breaking it in.

One of the first things we learned is that grinding wheat using a hand crank model, is really a man job! Thankfully, my man is totally willing. A following discovery was that if you don't really have a heavy table that can hold still under all the pressure it gets, this is really a two person job! So, we've had fun taking turns, one of us sitting on the table and one of us turning the handle. We've even done a little singing along the way. :-)

For those of you who might be interested, we purchased the mill from

Also, the health info. that I mentioned at the beginning is just me sharing from memory some things Stephen and I learned from material by Sue Becker.

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