Friday, August 28, 2009

The Adventures Of Little Rascal

Today, my precious little rascally explorer decided pulling her clothes off the shelf and playing with them would be fun.

Of course, how upset could YOU get with that cuteness??? There were not such cute smiles though when it came time to help clean up the mess! After picking up about two articles of clothing rather willingly, it turned into a rather unpleasant battle. Why is making the mess almost always sooooo much more fun???

Earlier in the day we made our second trip to the SPCA and visited the animals.

We spent some time looking at the cats and dogs inside. Clara was quite interested! She really likes animals! Then we headed out to the little petting zoo.

Doesn't seem to be having a nice time at all! :-) Blow this one up and look at her face!

And of course, the rocks were just about as much fun as the food machines and animals! :-)

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Momma M said...

Those are fun pics. Thank you!