Friday, August 14, 2009

Lots of Fun!

The day before my wisdom teeth were taken out, we filled a bunch of our time with lots of fun! Grandma, Clara and I started off my making a morning trip to a children's museum. This was Clara's first time and there was lots to see and do! The little explorer seemed to have quite a good time! Though she seemed to find watching the other kids almost as interesting as exploring new exhibits!

Here are some fun pictures. Some aren't too clear, but some of those have kind of a neat effect! Thankfully, we had both of our camera's along, because mine ran out of battery. So, quite a few of these are Mom M.'s!

Here we're pulling a ring up around us, which creates a bubble wall.

After our exploration we headed to Stephen's work. Mom M. treated us to some yummy KFC we picked on the way. We joined Stephen for his lunch break!

After lunch time with Daddy, we headed off on another adventure... which will hopefully be covered in our next post.

If you missed the wisdom teeth up-date, it's below.

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