Friday, August 14, 2009

The Adventurous Day Continues!

After the children's museum and meeting Stephen for lunch (both of which I shared about in the last post), we headed off on yet another adventure! This time, Grandma treated us ladies to a trip to the botanic garden! I was quite impressed! We mostly just saw the rose garden, children's garden and butterfly exhibit, and whatever we came across going to those places, so we only took in a part of the whole place. It was lovely! Unfortunately, my camera was already out of battery and Mom M.'s ran out while we were there, but not before she captured some super pictures! Enjoy!

Looking over the rose garden with Grandma.

Somebody enjoyed chasing geese!

A visit to the botanic garden had been out there as a possibility during Mom M.'s visit, but what finally made us decide to go was that it got cloudy (which means a little cooler) and we heard they had a splash area!!! Sure enough, they did! It was in the children's park section, and Clara thought it was great! Near the end of the time we spent in that area she got brave enough to run through the sprinklers, but until then, she was mostly interested in drinking out of them! I was truly impressed with the children's section. It was fabulous!

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