Saturday, August 1, 2009


Canning. That's one of the things I've been learning lately! With the encouragement and help of my hubby, advice and input from friends and info. from the internet, and recipes from pickling spice bags, etc. I've been trying my hand at it. It's been rather fun, with plenty of frustration sprinkled in there. For instance, did you know it can take a pot of water a VERY long time to come to a boil? And after my second batch, I pretty much decided I would not can another jar until I had a jar lifter. I was through with trying to use tongs instead!!! Well, I've since done canning two other times, the jar lifter has been ordered, but we are still waiting for it to arrive, and my brilliant husband suggested wrapping rubber bands around the ends of the tongs, and that worked wonderfully!

So, here are a few pictures of my endeavors....


Pickles... obviously, I needed some instruction about filling the jars!


Second batch of pickles.

Well, no one has died yet from my canning attempts... but then, we haven't eaten any of it yet either! :-) It's been a neat learning experience!

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In the Mix said...

Canning is fun. I've only done jams and butters but I really enjoy it. I do think the jar lifter is essential. I don't have one but always wish I did. Your stuff looks great.