Friday, August 14, 2009

Less Wisdom... Teeth!

Well, yesterday was the big day for me, as I got all four of my wisdom teeth removed. Stephen took the day off and drove me to the dentist and Mom M. took care of Clara for us.

The procedure was not too fun... but the dentist (a friend of ours from the chapel here) and his assistant did a fabulous job! They did not put me to sleep, just numbed me up. However, I put myself to sleep. In other words, I passed out. It wasn't even during the procedure, but during the numbing process. I don't do the best with needles and here is this needle going into my mouth and poking away. Both sides of top and bottom had to be done and sometimes I think it was multiple pokes per area. I lasted through both sides of the bottom part of my mouth, and I think he may have started on the top and then that was it. Out I went. It was a very weird sensation waking up. The dentist was talking to me and blowing air from one of their machines on my face. I kind of had this vague sense of who it was and what this had to do with, but it was like, "surely this isn't real." But real it was. Anyway, they put me on oxygen and added some sort of gas to help me relax, and I remained on the oxygen for the whole procedure. I wonder if the killer sore throat I ended up getting had anything to do with that? But I made it through the rest of the procedure without loosing consciousness. The bottom ones were the hard ones, but the top ones came out super easy, as they were practically all the way in already.

Stephen and Mom M. took such good care of me afterward and I am feeling much better today. Mom M. is still fixing food, doing tons of the caring for Clara and encouraging me to rest... so I'm a very blessed lady. I do look sort of like a chipmunk today, it's mostly just on the side that had the tooth that was pretty badly impacted.

Anyway, it wasn't very fun, but I was blessed with good care and lots of prayer... thank you to all of you who were praying! And I seem to be on the mend!

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