Saturday, August 8, 2009

It's Almost Been A Week!

IT's almost been a week since I last posted! So, it's high time for some news. First of all, here is a picture of Clara that I think is adorable! Got to love that look! I was taking the picture to show one of her new interests. You probably can't see too well, but she is sitting next to Daddy's backpack. Lately, she has had a fascination with trying to do the buckles on it. She will sit there for quite a long time (for her) and work away! I don't think she has managed to snap a buckle together yet, but she sure does put in a lot of effort.

In other news, I'm recovering from a nasty sunburn I got when we went to the beach and pool this week with some friends. Clara had fun and so did I, but doing hardly any sunscreen was not a good idea. Oh, well. Hopefully, I'll do better next time. I'm also soaking my foot right now, trying to help deal with an infection under my toe nail. Part of the nail got ripped up from the nail bed this week and now it's infected. So, I've felt a little sore this week... but am much better now. And I know it's all really nothing compared to what so many others go through! It was striking me how very fragile we are, in a way, and yet how very healthy and free from pain so many of us are so much of the time! It's amazing and miraculous if you stop to think about it! God did an amazing job of creating us... just think how very many things the body heals from on it's own! That NEVER could have happened by chance!!!! The only possible way that could be is that we have an amazing Creator, Who created everything in the first place, and also continues to hold it all together!!! And His continued care and protection is so much more then we deserve.

We are looking forward to Mom M.'s visit, starting this Monday! We're hoping to get out and see some sites while she's here and it will just be so nice to have her here visiting! It will also be a big help, as I'm scheduled to get all four wisdom teeth out this Thursday. Hopefully, I'll recover quickly so we can do some more fun outings before she leaves.

Here's another picture taken recently. Clara likes books a lot! And even though she is a very "on-the-go" personality, she will go and sit quietly by herself and look at books for a little while!

I've done a little more canning recently. Our canning supplies that I had ordered arrived and I was able to use them with the last batch, which was our second batch of peppers. The garden things that are still producing pretty well are some of the tomatoes, basil, some peppers, and the butternut squash.

Stephen's been staying busy. He put in extra hours this week so that he can take off the day that I get my teeth out. Isn't he a dear???!!!! He has also been doing some more speaking at chapel lately.

We've sort of been into Civil War stuff lately. It got started on that weekend trip we took and has continued since then, as we've watched "Gods and Generals" and "Gettysburg", and took another tour. Stephen has also run into people that are fairly knowledgeable about the war and enjoyed some chats. Earlier this week, we went to the home of the Captain of one of the ships Stephen had spent time on several years ago. We were sitting around chatting with him, his wife and son and Stephen brought up the topic of the Civil War. He was quickly corrected. "Do you mean the War of Northern Aggression?", he was asked. :-) So, it even has a different name, depending who you talk to!

Well, there's a few bits of what's been happening around here lately.

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I love that picture on top. What a little imp!