Monday, August 17, 2009

Lots Of Memories

On Friday we said goodbye to Mom M. after a very nice visit! She was such a blessing and help, particularly during my early wisdom tooth extraction time. Thank you, Mom!

We were able to have a lot of fun times too! On the Saturday following my extraction, I was doing well enough to go out and about and we did some exploring.

First of all we spent quite a bit of time visiting the Mariners Museum. Here are a few shots from there:

The next several pictures were taken aboard the replica of the iron-clad "Monitor".

The chipmunk. :-)

Us. And, at that point, I was still suffering from "chipmunk-face", due to having my wisdom teeth out.

After our museum adventure, we took in a yummy fish super!

Of course, somebody enjoyed herself. Really, we all did!

After our fish supper we popped in at some friends' house to get some tape. "Why?" you may ask. Because something had happened to our bumper and it looked like it was heading toward completely coming off! Our friends, as usual, were wonderful and welcomed us right in... and probably would have fed us supper too, if we hadn't just eaten! After a quick visit and a tape-fix-it job on the car, we headed off on the next adventure: visiting a beach we hadn't been to yet.

I love this one!

We headed down to the water and decided to give Clara some water time. This was Stephen's first time to see her at the beach... and he was on "life-guard duty". And the little girl gave her Daddy a good introduction. She was in true form!


Click on these next two to blow them up and check out the expressions on the little girl's face!!!

Our brave (or is it clueless) little girl would just go marching off into deeper water and would have been bobbing in no time, but for her Daddy's rescue missions....

Wet and cold! But somebody had sure had a good time!!!


In the Mix said...

Georgia is the same way in the water. Glad you had such a good time with Gramma.

Stephen and Gracie said...

The fearless little ladies! :-) They'll probably have tons of fun together in the coming years!!!

Anonymous said...

Such FUN pictures! We are SO blessed to get to "be there with you" through all your interesting posts and pictures!
I LOVE (!) those pictures of Stephen hanging closely with Clara as she "swam" and wandered into the deeper water... watching attentively over her, ready to step in, be there for her, and protect her in an instant... caring about her well-being, ETC It reminds me of how our Abba Father in heaven has said He "will NEVER leave us, NEVER forsake (us)", and that He would be "WITH (us) always, even to the end of the age", and that He "cares for (us)"...! Sometimes we choose to reject His caring love, wisdom and protection, since He's given us that freedom to choose to reject Him or accept His Incredible Love and giving heart for us. But His concern, attentiveness and love for us was SO beautifully pictured in Stephen's watching over Clara...
SO Cool!