Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Grandma M.!

Grandma M. is here!!! She arrived yesterday, and already, good times have been had by all! It's such a treat for all of us to have her here!

We took off for a beach visit this morning. Once again, Clara had a blast, and kept us on our toes as she marched into the water again and again and kept toppling over. We'd rescue her and on she would go. That girl! She will march deeper and deeper and who knows how deep she would go if we didn't stop her! I don't know that she has the concept that it just keeps getting deeper out there! Anyway, she had lots of fun and was a big mess in no time. She probably could have stayed "forever" but it was quite warm and sunny and we didn't stay too long.

Where did my chunky baby go???!!!

This evening we did one of our little family traditions and made crepes! We went all out and did both savory and sweet! It was great to have Mom M. here, helping with them! For the savory we did a spinach and feta cheese mix in the middle with a Marinara sauce, using tomatoes from the garden, on top. For the sweet we did nutella and bananas in the middle, with berries and whipped cream and syrup (depending on who was making it) on top!!! And of course some fun was had after Grandma made the whipped cream.

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